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Accessing Google Suite

Every student is provided access to Google Suite. This grants the student access to the the Google Email, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Google Chat is not available to students. To Access Google Suite: Go to Enter in your school provided email and password. If you are on a school issued

Create/Reset Client Portal Password

1. Enter School Provided Email Address 2. Click I Forgot My Password 3. Open Client Portal Password Reset Email 4. Click Password Reset Link 5. Enter School Provided Email Address6. Enter New Password and Confirm Password7. Click Change Password If this did not resolve your request, Chat With Us or Submit A Ticket.

How Do I Contact My Teacher From My Course

After logging into the Dashboard, Click on Inbox on the Global Navigation Bar. Your inbox will open and display any messages sent to you. To send your teacher a message: Click the Compose a new message Icon  at the top of the Inbox. Select a course from the Course Dropdown. Enter the name of the teacher you

How To Login To Live Class Online

Open your internet browser. Enter the URL for your school’s login page. Select the course from your Dashboard. This will take you to the course’s homepage. To attend the live conference, Click Conferences on the Course Navigation Bar. Under the New Conferences section, Click the Join button next to the name of the live conference